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Tailor-made Travel

Your Custom Trip Designed just for You

Are you looking for a unique journey in Menorca?


Get your 100% custom trip. Your budget, your tastes, your dream.

I can imagine how much you are waiting for your holidays!

At least some free time for you!

And maybe now you are thinking “wow, I don’t know where to start to find something special to do in Menorca?”

“I don’t want a simple trip, without sense, just laying and spending time wherever others say it’s ok…”

If all of this comes into your mind you will probably be that kind of traveler who is not content with mere things and look for rich experiences taking part in culture, nature, gastronomy and local life.

Slow down and be ready to nourish your soul

I will help you to design a custom trip for you, making everything easier and cheaper. I will put all my experience and knowledge at your disposal to inspire you and create unique and wonderful itineraries so that you can enjoy the most of an authentic travel to Menorca.

To design your own custom trip it is meaningful  because…

  Save tons of time – Don’t spend time doing the tedious research yourself looking at thousands of webs with also out-of-date information. Let me make your vacation my priority. In the meanwhile enjoy your time with what really matters now.

  100% Tailor-made – no two travelers are alike, why should your trip be the same as someone else’s? You will have an exclusive itinerary with personal tips and incredible places and experiences. Stress-free, I take care of every detail. 

Maximize the value of your trip  living experiences full of value and sense for you. You will love to connect with the destination and people who is envolved by exploring the culture, local life and gastronomy respecting the environmentAll you plan will be prepared havig in mind your interests and your way to travel.

Adapted to your budget and needs – Transport, accommodation, best season to visit, services… I will help you to choose and coordinate all these important features which they might confuse you suitable to your interests and budget.

 Offer you a different perspective – whether you’d like a more local approach, off the beaten path experiences, adventures, relax, food, beautiful accommodations, you get the best perspective to discover Menorca: a professional and a travel passionate like me who loves to show others the pure essence of my island and the beauty in all senses.

 Your local contact – Will keep in contact before and during your trip for any queries you have or any changing conditions it might be.

 Travel in a “SLOW” style – and support sustainable tourism. You will be part of the positive effect on your traveler footprint through my tips and itineraries. Contribuiting to local economy, following ethical practices, respecting the environment and immersing yourself into Menorca lifestyle.

Menorca is already part of the collection of highly slow destinations besides been designated a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1993

⇒ escape from the traditional tourist proposals

⇒  forget any worry and difficulty to organize the trip leaving it under my hands

⇒ live valuable and surprising experiences during your tailor made trip

You deserve this special occasion 

A romantic getaway, your anniversary, a trip with the family or friends, the vacation of the year, your honeymoon trip that you will never forget… I will be your travel designer to satisfy your ideas and wishes! Let’s create something beautiful!

How does it work?


Choose your plan

Select the travel design plan that best suits you according to your needs. If you have doubt you can schedule a quick call or chat with me to answer the first queries.


Let’s design your trip

We will determine a 1hour consulting to know each other, know more about your travel wishes and budget. The consulting can be done via email or facetime.


Get excited and enjoy

You choose the most suitable itinerary from the ones I will have offered you and just get ready to enjoy your trip to Menorca!

Choose the plan that suits you the best



   A 1-hour call to determine your travel style and preferences, optional, email only is fine.

   Design your Custom daily travel plan 

   Personal counselling before and during your trip

   Includes up to 4 travelers

   Up to 2 rounds of trip revisions

   Detailed itinerary delivered on pdf

   Links to book all recommended activities

   Delivery in 5-7 days


per day of travel



  A 1-hour call to determine your travel style and preferences, optional, email only is fine.

  Design your Custom daily travel plan 

   Personal counselling before and during your trip

   Includes up to 4 travelers

   Up to 2 rounds of trip revisions

   Detailed itinerary delivered on pdf

   Delivery in 5-7 days

Premium Features

   Hotel booking assistance if needed

   Unlimited email / chat with me

  Bookings of all recommended activities

   Restaurant reservations

   In-destination support

   2 additional rounds of trip revisions

   Optional 20 minute review phone call



per day of travel


Destinatin advice


Chat with me as en expert trip designer 

While I’m giving you initial ideas on where to go get the feeling if we can match and consider if I can give you my help to design your personal trip

Quick 15-20 minute chat




What they say about me and their experiences

Cristina is great we’ve been enjoying all her recommendations and the experiences booked. We’ll definitely be back in Menorca. Surely, we will see you again someday soon

Dave Campbell


Fantastic approach to exploring and picking through the non-tourist gems of Menorca. We reccomend to use Cristina’s help and you will be a happy camper!

Astrid Hansen


Let’s have a coffee and chat?

Contact me and let’s talk!

Tell me your queries and ideas and we will design a your custom trip together!

Beautiful and Exclusive Experiences in Menorca are waiting for you!

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