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My name is Cristina and my wish is to do my bit to inspire you to discover the hidden gems of my island in a local and responsible way. As I know how hard is to find qualified information or fullfil your wishes I want to help you to plan your dream trip in Menorca, taking care of every important detail and adapted to your interests and desires to make sure you have beautiful and memorable experience.

 Slow Travel Menorca is my baby, a project born in 2019 with an idea to help other people to discover this incredible island from this other sight, with meaning and contribuiting to local people and local economy in a respponsible way.

I was born in Menorca, grew up and lived there all my live. I studied Tourism what allowed me to travel in different places around the world when I used to finish work after the season and through these trips I realised how beautiful and already “rich” was my island. You don’t realize what you have until you start to experience new things and discover different places. 

If you are looking for a place to relax, enjoy, discconect to reconnect again Menorca is the places!


Slow Life, Slow living

Menorca is grastronomy, culture, nature, history, family, friendships!

Taste the best lobster stew, a boat trip to enjoy the coves in a unique and singular way, a route through the natural trails or the stories and legends of the island, as organizing the most unique and exclusive during the holidays in Menorca both for romantic in couple, as well as in group and family.

In this period I have been making my own guide of experiences and tourist services that the island offers in accordance with my slow philosophy, adding daily proposals that I received from the different tourists… And one day I said to myself, this guide I have is a treasure very valuable that I want to share! Slow Travel Menorca is a careful selection of activities, routes, hidden places to enjoy. the most special experiences adapted to the taste of the visitor .

Don’t wait any longer, let’s plan something beautiful, Menorca is waiting for you!

Contact me and feel free to ask me any question you have. I would love to be part of your dream trip! Beautiful and Exclusive Experiences are waiting for you!

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